OACH 3612

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When large offices and server rooms need high capacity cooling, the ConvertibleAire 2OACH3612 Heat Pump Commercial Air Conditioner can take you all the way down to 55° with 3 tons of cooling. In addition, it can provide double duty as a very clean and efficient source of heat up to 85°. If you have requirements for maintaining an even temperature, ConvertibleAire can do it automatically. Made in America and built for continuous duty cycling, the powder coated heavy duty metal cabinet will deliver many years of reliable service. Fully self contained, just plug it in, set the thermostat to your desired temperature, add any required accessories and ConvertibleAire will maintain “your” temperature.

  • 6 speed automatic blower delivers just the right amount of air.
  • Moisture Control Mode can lower humidity level by compressor cycling.
  • Electronic hour meter records compressor “ON” time. Great for maintenance planning.
  • No natural gas, propane or fuel oil required for the heating cycle.
  • Has all the advantages and features of Low Temperature Air Conditioners.
  • Automatically switches from cool to heat or heat to cool.
  • Cools to 55°F (most other units cool to only 65°F) with 36,050 BTU/HR

    Heats to 85° with 32,500 BTU/HR.

  • Maintains even temperature great for spring & fall applications.

    (Cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon)

  • UL Listed for safety, available in 208-230/1, 208-230/3 and 460/3 power.
  • Advanced designed scroll compressor with 5 warranty.

2NK-3 8 inch Drop-In Nozzle Kit (replaces cold air grille)

CK-16 16 inch Hot Duct Kit (8′ of 16 inch duct, Ceiling Panel, Duct Flange)

DCP-5 2 x 12 inch Hot Inlet Air Plenum

DEP-16 16 inch Cold Air Inlet Plenum

2DPC-2 Plug-In Condensate Pump (208-230v)

2DDA-16 16 inch Drop-In Duct Adapter (replaces cold air grille)

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